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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s is making some shawl plans…

As soon as I saw that Joji was doing a Mystery Wrap I just had to get on that! Her patterns are all so beautiful with nice details and most importantly, super wearable. When I saw it described as a large rectangle I was double in! The MKAL doesn’t start until May 12th, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start dreaming of yarn ideas. I had way way too much fun with it and ended up coming up with a ton of ideas – we have some packaged up at the store if you want to check them out. I wasn’t sure quite what I was going to do, but in the end I had some special skeins of yarn at home that I wanted to use so I brought them to work and paired them with some Manos Alegria… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie’s into patterned socks

Years of knitting different kinds of socks with different yarns have taught me a few things about my own preferences : I prefer to knit top-down socks, I wear plain socks more than lacy or cabled socks, and I get really bored with solid colours. Mainly, I’ve learned that I really prefer socks that are identical, rather than fraternal twins. I really love the Arne and Carlos line of socks from Regia. In my sweater knitting, I love the finished look of fair isle colourwork, but I know from experience that I won’t wear bulkier colourwork socks. This yarn work up in a pattern that repeats throughout the sock, and the pattern changes slightly based on the knitters gauge and the number of stitches used. I knew from doing other printed socks like these that the pattern ends up getting… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s thinking about summer

We just got in some new colours of Rowan Softyak DK this week while I was working and I was taken by them immediately! There are some new neutral heathery shades that are just beautiful. I knew immediately that I had to find the perfect project for this soft light yarn. And that it had to be a summer top. The yak and cotton blend of this simple yet elegant yarn is so soft and smooth. It has a chainette construction which is great for helping a garment keep its shape so it’s perfect for summer layers. But where to start looking? I spent a bunch of time looking at patterns until I found the perfect one – the Churchmouse Simple Tee. This top comes in a range of sizes with a forgiving yet flattering loose fit with both short… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s getting Fuzzy!

Right now I have two favourite yarns that combine to make one fantastic bundle – the new Halo Bundles from Fleece Artist! Combining one ridiculously soft merino single with one fluffy mohair blend in Merino Slim and Angel that come together in one colour coordinated package! These two yarns are perfect to knit together. I’m using Smoke to knit the Churchmouse Mohair Bias Loop. The fabric these two yarns combine into is luxuriously soft and cozy. I can’t wait to have a finished cowl. It’s going to take me extra long because I can’t stop squishing it!

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Fav Yarn Friday – Mona is loving linen!

I can’t believe tomorrow is April 1st. Winter finally seems to be over and the beginnings of spring are arriving. With the warmer weather, the melting snow and the fresh smell of rain and new grass also comes the excitement of new spring yarns. I love Shibui yarns and was really happy to hear they were working on a replacement for their linen chain yarn. Linen and linen blends are some of my favourite yarns to knit with and to wear, especially when the weather is warmer. Shibui Reed arrived in the shop last week and I was so pleasantly surprised by the softness of this 100% linen yarn. The same beautiful drape that I’ve come to expect from linen, but with a soft handle which is not something I usually associate with linen until it’s been washed a few… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie loves wool

I love non-superwash wooly yarns. A woman I used to knit with used to explain her love of Lopi by saying “I like that it’s scratchy, that’s how you know it’s working.” For me it’s not so much that it iss scratchy, but with non-treated yarns you do often feel the tooth of the yarn, and that’s what lets me know that it has the kind of bloom that I love in projects.   Right now the yarn that I’m in love with it Blue Sky Fiber’s Woolstok. Made from 100% Fine Highland wool, it is a lofty wooly light worsted weight yarn. Woolstok comes in 50g skeins, with 123 yards. It comes in 21 colours (all colours are included in the 21 Colours hat kits that have been so popular here in the shop), and the bloom of the… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa loves Longwood

    I just finished a sweater using Cascade Longwood and its just such a lovely yarn. I’ve used it a few times and the stitch definition is incomparable!     I like to refer to this yarn as plies on plies as its plied strands of super soft merino yarn plied together for great bounce and loft.     The Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli I finished this week in this yarn turned out so lovely. The yarn makes a fabric that feels like a luxe version of a favourite comfy sweatshirt. Last year I also knit a Stovetop hat from Tin Can Knits out of this yarn – the construction of this yarn really makes the cables pop!

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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie likes Eco Andean DK

One of my favourite yarns is Eco Andean Dk. Nice and woolly, it comes in a range of natural colours (and soon, dyed colours as well.) I’ve used it for two sweaters (Polwarth and Stasis). Polwarth is a fairly plain sweater, with an interesting texture detail at the neck that stands out well in this yarn. Stasis has a colour work pattern on the yoke, wrists and at the hem, and this yarn gives it a very crisp definition. While it isn’t the softest yarn, I did find it to be pretty durable- I wore Stasis to a soapstone carving class and it held up well to a lot of friction. It’s a lighter weight yarn, making it a great choice to layer.

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