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Fav Yarn Friday – Mona is loving linen!

I can’t believe tomorrow is April 1st. Winter finally seems to be over and the beginnings of spring are arriving. With the warmer weather, the melting snow and the fresh smell of rain and new grass also comes the excitement of new spring yarns. I love Shibui yarns and was really happy to hear they were working on a replacement for their linen chain yarn. Linen and linen blends are some of my favourite yarns to knit with and to wear, especially when the weather is warmer. Shibui Reed arrived in the shop last week and I was so pleasantly surprised by the softness of this 100% linen yarn. The same beautiful drape that I’ve come to expect from linen, but with a soft handle which is not something I usually associate with linen until it’s been washed a few… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Kari is Wooing Woolstok

Of the projects I have on the needles right now, I’m most excited about the Fallen Cloud shawl by Lisa Hannes. My love of this project springs from the design—those cables are gorgeous—and the yarn I’ve chosen, Woolstok Worsted in Quartz Crystal. Blue Sky Fibres’ Woolstok is my newest favourite yarn. The bounce and stretch of this yarn is unparalleled. Although I was attracted to the yarn’s colour, tooth and loft at first, I held back on purchasing it. But that all changed when I wore Mona’s Endless Wrap by Sylvia Hager, in the colourway Golden Meadow, for an afternoon in the shop. The elasticity and warmth of the fabric clinched the sale. I had to have it. And I have not been disappointed. I love knitting with this yarn because it feels so darn good in my hands, and the stitches virtually spring off my… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie loves wool

I love non-superwash wooly yarns. A woman I used to knit with used to explain her love of Lopi by saying “I like that it’s scratchy, that’s how you know it’s working.” For me it’s not so much that it iss scratchy, but with non-treated yarns you do often feel the tooth of the yarn, and that’s what lets me know that it has the kind of bloom that I love in projects.   Right now the yarn that I’m in love with it Blue Sky Fiber’s Woolstok. Made from 100% Fine Highland wool, it is a lofty wooly light worsted weight yarn. Woolstok comes in 50g skeins, with 123 yards. It comes in 21 colours (all colours are included in the 21 Colours hat kits that have been so popular here in the shop), and the bloom of the… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Carey is getting squishy with Fiora!

Inspiration:  bathroom walls painted ‘Illusive Lilac’ and Stephen West’s ‘Garter Squish’ blanket pattern. I NEED ME A NEW BATHMAT and I have 3 skeins of an acrylic/cotton blend in my stash in silver, blue and ‘lilac’.  Paired together with another dk weight yarn – Berroco Fiora in the ‘Tybee’ colorway this should knit up quickly into something squishy for my toes to sink into.  And so it has.  I was a little hesitant to pair the Fiora which has some alpaca in it with a cotton/acrylic blend but it feels great.  Holding the two dk weight yarns together on a 6mm needle gave me a nice squishy gauge of 16sts.  I’ve wanted to knit this blanket for a long time but knitting up a bathmat is so much quicker AND I learned a new technique – an I-cord edge (easy)… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa is loving our new linen blends

  We just got in some new yarns from Classic Elite and I had the pleasure of knitting up the Bella Lino Drop Stitch Wrap for our yarn tasting the other night. The pattern calls for two different colours of Classic Elite Bella Lino, but I decided to pair one colour of Bella Lino with new Classic Elite Fortuna which is the same fibre content, weight and yardage but in a more solid colour. These linen blends are just gorgeous – they have nice hand and get softer and softer the more you touch them. They also have a subtle glow and comes in a great range of shades that are both classic and on trend.   I loved knitting the Bella Lino Drop Stitch Wrap – it’s knit using the two yarns or colours held double on a larger needle… Read more »

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Work In Progress Wednesday – Odessa’s getting ready for spring!

  When I saw the new Rico Creative Melange Lace I just had to knit with it! The colours and subtle variations are so beautiful that I could not resist! Not only does the yarn slowly shift between colours but there are little sprinkles of harmonious colours throughout that make this cotton yarn truly unique.   I couldn’t pick a colour to knit with, I loved them all, so I decided to pick my favourites and find a shawl pattern to knit them up into. I decided on the Everyday Shawl because I loved the shape, the simple knitting (perfect for watching TV) and yardage wise was the perfect amount for getting the most out of three balls of the Melange Lace. So far I am just loving how it’s knitting up and the cotton feels fantastic – I can… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Mona Needs some Colour!

    We all know how long winter can be in Winnipeg.  I wouldn’t change where I live for anything but it never fails that during the middle of winter I start to feel a little stir crazy.  It’s not that we don’t have sunshine, but the predominant colours (or lack thereof) when I look out my windows is white and grey.  I love this winter palette too and I’m lucky enough to work in a world of colour which helps when the days are feeling just a little too grey.  When Lang Merino+ Color came into the shop, I knew it was just the winter burst of colour that I was craving.  This gradient, aran weight yarn is delicious for a number of reasons.  The gradient colours are to die for.   I love the way the colours played… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Mona’s getting wooly with the Endless Wrap

    Most of the time I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world to be able to do what I do for a living.  Last week was no exception to that especially when the 21 Color Slouch Hat kits came in from Blue Sky Fibers.  The kit was made with teeny skeins of Woolstok and I became dreamy, not only from the colours but from the soft feel of what looks like a toothy yarn. As soon as Odessa started knitting on the kit sample we knew we had to order all the colours of this yarn.  Blue Sky Fibers creates really gorgeous yarn.   They are also really kind people and provide us with great advice and tons of support as well and within  24 hours I had a kit in my hand for the Endless… Read more »

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Two exciting guest classes at Wolseley Wool

  Caitlin ffrench is going to be in town in January and we are so delighted to have her come and teach a pi shawl design workshop here at Wolseley Wool!   In this workshop you will learn how to design a circular shawl based on the Pi shawl theory pioneered by Elizabeth Zimmermann in her work ‘The Knitter’s Almanac’. You will learn the relationship between a circle’s circumference and it’s radius in simple terms that will help you understand how to design one on your own. We will go over various lace patterns that you can adapt into your work- and you will walk away with a variation on a Pi shawl that you wrote yourself and a knitted sample of a mini Pi shawl!   Please bring 100g of bulky wool in a light colour and a set of… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Corie is working on all the shawls!

For someone who doesn’t wear a lot of shawls, I sure do have more shawl WIPs than other kinds of projects.     Currently, I’m working on the Hyggelig shawl by Claudia Eisenkolb (available on Ravelry.) I’m knitting it in one of my favourite yarns, Eco Andean DK. I’m using the Gray Brown and Medium Gray colours, and my plan is to use the Andean DK Heathers in a purple or red for the mesh lace pattern at the end.     The shawl that is on the back burner is my Viajante, by Martina Behm. I started this at the beginning of our knitalong, and I have to admit that I haven’t touched it since. I love the yarn and the finished project, I just haven’t had much time to work on it.     I have had time… Read more »

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