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National Parks Collection – Pre-order now closed

Pre-orders no longer available. We currently do not have any National Parks Yarn  in stock and are not taking special orders for it, but keep an eye out on our Facebook and Newsletter for when we have some available. In the meanwhile, check out our online store to see what we have in stock right now and find your next project! The National Park Collection is made up of 13 colours, each one based on one of the beautiful parks in Canada – one for each country and province, including a beautiful colourway for our very own Riding Mountain National Park. We know some of you might want to get the full set so before we order we’re offering you the chance to preorder the whole collection in one of two bases, fingering weight Merino Slim and chunky Back Country…. Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Corie’s needles are on FIRE!

The project that has really consumed me lately has been the Find Your Gade shawl by Andrea Mowry. Originally I just wanted to make it using only yarn from my stash, and I was able to pull together enough Fleece Artist sock yarns, but then decided to get rid of my first colour so I did end up buying some Cottage Sock in a reddish brown. Other than the lace sections, it’s a nice mindless knit, so I’ve been getting a lot done while watching the NHL playoffs. Right now I’m also pushing to get it done so I can start my next shawl, Joji Locatelli’s mystery knit along, when it comes out. I have been working on two other projects: first the Honey Thrum socks, a kit from Fleece Artist. I love trying yarn made from different sheep breeds… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s is making some shawl plans…

As soon as I saw that Joji was doing a Mystery Wrap I just had to get on that! Her patterns are all so beautiful with nice details and most importantly, super wearable. When I saw it described as a large rectangle I was double in! The MKAL doesn’t start until May 12th, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start dreaming of yarn ideas. I had way way too much fun with it and ended up coming up with a ton of ideas – we have some packaged up at the store if you want to check them out. I wasn’t sure quite what I was going to do, but in the end I had some special skeins of yarn at home that I wanted to use so I brought them to work and paired them with some Manos Alegria… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Mona’s got a new shawl on the needles

I have recently started teaching at the shop again.  It wasn’t out of necessity, (we have an amazing team of teachers) it was out of a pure love for sharing my passion with others and the excitement that is felt when a group of people are all working on the same project.  We may all be at different skill levels but we have a common goal  – to learn from each other (and hopefully a little from me as well) and create something special.  For me the process of teaching a class is about finding a pattern that I love or one that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, making sure there are enough challenges involved to keep everyone on their toes and then dig right in to starting the sample.  I always like to have the… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie’s into patterned socks

Years of knitting different kinds of socks with different yarns have taught me a few things about my own preferences : I prefer to knit top-down socks, I wear plain socks more than lacy or cabled socks, and I get really bored with solid colours. Mainly, I’ve learned that I really prefer socks that are identical, rather than fraternal twins. I really love the Arne and Carlos line of socks from Regia. In my sweater knitting, I love the finished look of fair isle colourwork, but I know from experience that I won’t wear bulkier colourwork socks. This yarn work up in a pattern that repeats throughout the sock, and the pattern changes slightly based on the knitters gauge and the number of stitches used. I knew from doing other printed socks like these that the pattern ends up getting… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Kari’s Brewing Up a Fabulous Super Bulky Sweater

There is enormous interest in super bulky sweaters this spring. Corie’s “Super Bulky Grandpa” cardigan by Joji Locatelli, knit with Cascade’s Lana Grande, caused more than a few knitters to cast on this gorgeous project. In fact, I know a few of you who are having second helpings of this sweater. I’ve also caught the super bulky bug. I’m currently knitting the exquisite Brew cardigan by Martin Storey from Rowan’s “Knitting & Crochet Magazine Number 60” which we have in the store right now! Lana Grande is the perfect yarn for this project. It’s a great choice for creating the crisp, clean stitches needed for the contrasting seed stitch, garter stitch and stockinette fabrics. In addition, the yarn is hearty, and I know it will stand up to constant wear. This is necessary because Brew is going to be my newest… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s thinking about summer

We just got in some new colours of Rowan Softyak DK this week while I was working and I was taken by them immediately! There are some new neutral heathery shades that are just beautiful. I knew immediately that I had to find the perfect project for this soft light yarn. And that it had to be a summer top. The yak and cotton blend of this simple yet elegant yarn is so soft and smooth. It has a chainette construction which is great for helping a garment keep its shape so it’s perfect for summer layers. But where to start looking? I spent a bunch of time looking at patterns until I found the perfect one – the Churchmouse Simple Tee. This top comes in a range of sizes with a forgiving yet flattering loose fit with both short… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Carey is sharing her love of shawls

It’s shawl month and I don’t need any more of an excuse to put yet another shawl on my needles.  Shawls are probably my most favorite thing to knit.  It doesn’t have to fit!  There are all the different shapes; triangles, rectangles, circles, crescents and I’ve even tried a rhombus (which still has me baffled as to how to wear it).  Then there’s all the different stitch patterns, colors and of course the yarns. This time I got rooked in with a partial skein that Mona gifted me – colors I wouldn’t normally choose, not really enough to do a project on its own and a fiber content that I’d never worked with.  The challenge was on.  What could I pair it with?  I would have to purchase another skein (Mona knows what she’s doing).  What pattern would work with… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Odessa’s getting Fuzzy!

Right now I have two favourite yarns that combine to make one fantastic bundle – the new Halo Bundles from Fleece Artist! Combining one ridiculously soft merino single with one fluffy mohair blend in Merino Slim and Angel that come together in one colour coordinated package! These two yarns are perfect to knit together. I’m using Smoke to knit the Churchmouse Mohair Bias Loop. The fabric these two yarns combine into is luxuriously soft and cozy. I can’t wait to have a finished cowl. It’s going to take me extra long because I can’t stop squishing it!

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WIP Wednesday – Kari is Finding her Fade(s)

Who isn’t working on a “Find Your Fade” shawl right now? This weekend at our annual knitting retreat, I was thrilled to see all shades and sizes of Fades—all breathtakingly beautiful. If Ravelry numbers are anything to go by, knitters worldwide are also captivated by this shawl. Currently, there are 3,090 Fades on this website, which I pour over on a weekly basis. Also, knitters who attend our Wednesday knit night are not stopping at one Fade, but are finishing up their second, and dreaming about their third. What is it about this shawl? (Kari’s Fade in progress) (Odessa’s Fade in progress) Is it the size—like a well-loved blanket we can walk around in all day? Or the shape, which seems to wrap perfectly and hang just so? Or is it the challenge designer Andrea Mowry has set us, to… Read more »

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