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Fav Yarn Friday – Kari Wants More Malabrigo Rios, Please!





I absolutely love Malabrigo Rios. Not only are the colours mesmerizing, this is one hard-working yarn. For example, the Vargavinter mittens I crocheted in the fall of 2015, I wore every day last winter. When I pulled them out of storage this November, they looked as good as new: the colours were still vibrant and saturated, and the surface of the fabric had very little pilling. I’d heard Rios was more than just a pretty face, but now I have proof it’s also a workhorse yarn.




I have multiple projects on the go with Rios. I’m currently teaching Chocolate Stout, a super comfy, all-over cabled, shawl-collared, grandpa sweater. I’ve always wanted to do a big project like this in Rios, and I haven’t been disappointed with my investment. Rios is a dream to knit with, and the colour—Reflecting Pool—is gorgeous. I know after spending hours and hours on this piece, the yarn will be durable, even though it’s ridiculously soft!




I’ve just finished crocheting the Furrylicious Baby Boots for my niece. The colour, Liquidambar, is electrifying, and has made these booties sizzle. I’m also working on a pair of Rye socks for my teenaged son, who loves soft yarns, but is tough on socks. I’m confident these socks can withstand whatever treatment he throws at them, and because Rios is a worsted weight yarn, these socks will be done in less than 24 hours!!




When it comes to worsted weight, Rios has earned its place as one of my go-to yarns.